Almost Real
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Chapter 01 : Don't loose the book !
Here comes "Almost Real", in english !! o/


In fact, "Almost Real" is a french webcomics, and thanks to my new translator : Jadinoux, this manga can be expanded through the Europe Image. So please forgive us for some "english" errors you could find here or there (and especially here, on this paragraph, 'cause Jadinoux is not here to help me to translate what I want to explain here...).

Well, stop talking, here is the first chapter of "Almost Real" !


Enjoy it, and thank's for watching Image.


(if you like it, or... hate it ? x.x, don't hesitate to put some comments, good or bad. It will really help me to improve myself)


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Almost Real...A name that causes a particular interest nearby the whole world, and that’s the name of the video game of all time !
It’s the only and unique virtual reality simulation, allowing players to evolve in a fantastic world, accomplishing quests and epic missions, fighting creatures and fabulous monsters, transforming all the players into true heroes !

And it happened over that Okowa Eito, a 15-year-old young boy, will be led to play that game, which once, was an inaccessible dream for him.
Passionned by heroic fantasy, and was himself an amateur writer, he hopes to find the inspiration to create the heroe he always seeked : Yuen, and also to find love with the beautiful Yuuko Sanae, player in « Almost Real ».

(extract from chapter 01)

Adventures, fights, happiness, sadness, and heart lessons, will be there, for a manga which will be able to question the notion of real/virtual sociability, but will before present the evolution of a young man, experiencing adolescence.