12/02/2012 - 18:41:35 - [Mythes et Légendes] Chapter 2
Thanks for Tsukii and Gwen for the trad.

Myths and Legends is currently broadcast on the platform Amilova. The comic part in the competition and expect your support! A quick registration, click and presto!

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31/01/2012 - 20:54:14 - [Accro(cs)] English vers
English version online ! Enjoy !
*translated by Alexandre (la chèvre bleue)*
17/06/2011 - 10:13:24 - [Mythes et Légendes] Chapter 1
It has arrived! Chapter 1 of Myths and Legends in English.

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Tsukihime thank you to the fan club, which provides the translation.
Memories. This manga date of 2005, review these pages moves me.
I hope you enjoy too!
Happy reading.

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10/04/2011 - 22:00:07 - [Almost Real] Chapter 01 : Don't loose the book !
Here comes "Almost Real", in english !! o/


In fact, "Almost Real" is a french webcomics, and thanks to my new translator : Jadinoux, this manga can be expanded through the Europe Image. So please forgive us for some "english" errors you could find here or there (and especially here, on this paragraph, 'cause Jadinoux is not here to help me to translate what I want to explain here...).

Well, stop talking, here is the first chapter of "Almost Real" !


Enjoy it, and thank's for watching Image.


(if you like it, or... hate it ? x.x, don't hesitate to put some comments, good or bad. It will really help me to improve myself)